31 Mar 2011

Trip to Southend-on-Sea

We went to Southend on Sea today and saw the Anti-photography exhibition. It was a nice day. We had a nice trip. We enjoyed the show and took some photos to do the photograph project. Sometimes we need a trip like this to do some work and we will have more inspirations for our project. It is an interesting experience for me to study in the UK. In addition, I saw some works about photography, which make me feel good to think photography and it is good for me to think about my project, because I use camera to do my work.

We are on the train!

The Exhibition!
This book is a reference of my work--the book I did in the Mid Point Review. See it again!

 A same picture printed 24 pieces.

This work recorded clothes of a woman. I like its way to present. 

The Sea! We took a lot of pictures of it.

29 Mar 2011

Book Binding Workshop in Camberwell - my second time!

This is my second time to go to book binding workshop. The first time is in LCC. This time is in Camberwell. I did different works in this workshop.

This is the first book I did in this workshop. It is a simple book and it only has one section.

A small one.

This one is small. But I put different paper together to make it. I just wanted to try something different.

This is the last one. It has two sections!

Pick Me UP!

The first contemporary graphic art fair in the UK!

Actually, there are many works of illustration in this show. All works have a price. It looks like a market. However, it is also a good way for designers to make people know their works and the works in this show are nice.

13 Mar 2011

Serge Gainsbourg - music

Singing and smoking...

Thanks, Ant.

Cigerettes' Law - Changes




Another anti-smoking campaign.

Thanks, Ant.

Kate Moss smokes on the catwalk



A famous model smoked in Paris' fashion show. Maybe it was not a good example, but it made people pay attention to it. In this scene, people may link fashion and smoking together. People may think smoking is beautiful, cool and fashion. As Jess Cartner-Morley said, 'There's only one thing the world loves more than a beautiful girl, and that's a beautiful girl who's a little bit bad.'

Thanks, Ant.

6 Mar 2011

Group Critique with Professor Paul Coldwell

It is a discussion with Professor Paul Coldwell. We showed our recent works and gave a short presentation to explain our ideas. It was a nice experience. We got many different comments about our works.

I got an idea that how to make my 'book' better. Also, I knew some artists from Professor Paul Coldwell, which could expand horizons. These comments were about the idea smoking and space. To the idea smoking and time, I should do more research of it and develop it.