24 Nov 2010

Smoking Woman

This is an image I made in my project research progress. It is a portrait format about people smoking. Actually I tried to make it monochrome at first. But compared with a color one, I decided to give up the monochrome one, because the visual effect of the color one is better and more dynamic. There are several elements in this picture, which make it a little complex. And it is a high contrast and short focus photo.

In this image, there are buildings, trees, street, street lamp, buses, people, bus stop pillar. The farthest from the camera are the buildings, trees, street lamp, buses and some passerby. People closed to the camera were waiting for buses. And the most obvious element in this photo is a woman who was smoking. Faced to her, there is a hand holding a cigarette. Behind her back, someone was looking at the bus stop pillar to find some information and there is an old man standing in front of the street.

Buildings, trees, passerby, street, buses mean this is outdoor environment. The bus stop pillar depicted this scene of this image happened at a bus stop in Elephant & Castle. The woman, someone who was looking at the bus stop pillar and the old man were waiting for buses at this bus stop. It is an outdoor environment, so people can smoke. The hand holding a cigarette is belonged to a male friend of that woman who was smoking. They were talking to each other face to face and they were both smoking.

This image describes a situation of people smoking. It is a part of people’s life. It does not relate to a particular type or genre. It just likes family photo. And it is a photo of my researches.

Many smokers would like to smoke when they are waiting for bus. If a smoker is waiting with a friend and his/her friend is also a smoker, they will smoke and talk together. Sometimes maybe it is not their bodies needed nicotine. It just likes a habit. Because waiting is a boring thing, they just want to find something to do. It looks like a kind of psychological habit. However, this behavior is not only harm for the smokers themselves, but also bad for the health of non-smokers nearby. This image depicted this situation. Also, smoking can make people old. There is an old man in this image. If the woman who was smoker and keep the smoking habit, she will be older when she is in the age of this old man.