24 Jul 2011

Tate Modern| Current Exhibitions | Miró

Tate Modern Current Exhibitions Miró

I went to this exhibition because Denise told that there were some burning work in it. I am now make books about cigarettes burning, so I went this exhibition to do some research. It is a nice exhibition. The works are very good. Follow the rooms, I felt that I was looking the progress of Joan Miro's life. From the first room to the final room, I found that he shaped his own style of painting gradually. He has his own painting language. I think all of us should have our own features which are like our own identities.

His 'Burnt Canvas' are the works I want to see. Maybe it is because the background of that time, he burnt some canvas to express his anger. Burning is like destroying. My work about cigarettes burning has something with destroy too. Finally, this exhibition is amazing. I love it.

Make plinths

This whole week I planned to make the long plinth. I asked Anthony to help me. Then we went to the 3D workshop in the college. They said they would help me to make it and cut the woods I wanted first on Tuesday. However, when I went to them on Thursday to attend the introduction, I found they had not cut the woods yet. Actually, I was so unhappy with this. Finally, they helped me to cut the woods, but they just told me that I must move the woods to the studio and made it by myself. Then Laia and Vicky helped me to move the woods to the studio. Thanks them for helping me a lot and I knew the woods were very heavy. I just felt disappointed with the 3D workshop of the college.

On Friday, Anthony help me to make the plinths. He brought his tools and help me a lot. It was an interesting experience to make plinths. After all, the plinth was made. I am happy with this. It is an important part of my final show.

Thanks Laia, Vicky and Anthony. You are so kind. Thanks a lot.

11 Jul 2011

Experiments about Burning Marks

After the class with Silke Dettmers last Wednesday, I really thought about my budget and the experiments of burning marks on surfaces of some beautiful things. I don't have so many money to buy an ipad, then burning cigarettes on it. However, I still did some experiments last weekend.

Firstly, I thought about damage of smoking. I came up an idea that when I 'open' some beautiful things and I find it is broken inside. For this, I made some experiments. Cut some fruit half and put burning cigarettes on them. It would leave cigarette marks on the surfaces of these fruit.

It is an interesting experiment, but the marks I got were not so strong and the visual effect was not very good. What can be open? Books. I did another experiment with books.

Maybe because the papers are not thick enough, so it damaged so badly. Then I tried another paper - hand made paper. It looks better.

After this experiment, I changed my mind. I want to do another book about cigarette marks. When I burned cigarettes on a book, I got different marks in different pages. They are fading out with pages. If you read this book from the 'lighter mark' page, then you found the marks would be darker and darker. It likes addiction and damages of smoking. The marks are lighter, because you do not smoke a lot at the begining. With time flies, you are addicted to smoking, you smoke a lot and the marks will be darker. The damage of smoking are the same, darker marks mean damage more in body.

So I got this idea and I do need to try more differet papers.

Burning Marks

In the end of unit one, I made a work about cigarette mark after doing some experiments. I put some burning cigarettes on butts in some photos. Then I got pictures about burning marks. It is interesting. However, I found that the marks looked better on the opposite side.

I really want to make some works about these marks. After tutorial with David, I tried to find works of Rogen Ackling who made works about burning marks of sunlight. Here are some images of his works 'Voewood'.

He made use of sunlight to make these works. The surfaces of these objects were burned by sunlight. I think they are beautiful. I am doing some works about burning, but burned by cigarettes. Maybe I can burn cigarettes on surfaces of  some beautiful things, which means smoking can destroy some perfect things like health. What kind of these beautiful things? Book? Computer? I need to think about this and do some experiments.

Reference: http://www.inglebygallery.com/index.php

4 Jul 2011

Artsmart in Chelsea

This event is interesting. It seems that every year it will happen. Now I attended this year. It is a great 'show'. There was market where some designers sold their works. Also, there were talks and recruitment fair, which were both nice. I attended the 'Visual Communication' and 'Blurb'. Here are some pictures.

This talk 'Visual Communication' was about finding jobs. How to prepare to find a job. Different ways to promote yourself. It was useful for us, because we are going to graduate. The other talk 'Blurb' was also nice. The speaker introduced the art of self-publishing for self-promotion. She introduced some books to us, they are beautiful. I think this event is great for the students who are going to work in the society.