14 Apr 2011

Tools for Butts?

I saw these 'tools' near southwark station. When I first found them, I felt interesting. I have not saw these in other place of London. A question came up to my mind. If there are many these tools outside the buildings in London, would butts in the streets decrease? Will people like to use these tools? Maybe......

GABRIEL OROZCO in Tate Mordern

A creative artist shared his works with us. This show was very interesting. The designer use different kinds of skills to express his idea. Watching his works, you will feel happy. The photos he took are very nice and the photos can make you think something maybe you have not thought before.

Actually, I think I am a student of Visual Arts Graphic Design in Camberwell College of Arts, and I want to express my concepts in different ways just like this artist. We are studying visual arts, we should learn more about how to use visual language to express ideas. 

Works in this show are very creative and I like them.

Wim Crouwel Show in Design museum

I heard of this show from my friend. She said this show was very good and it was all about graphic design. So I decided to watch this show. Wim Crouwel is a famous graphic designer. His designs influenced twentieth century’s graphic design. When I went to the space of this show, I felt like I was reading a history book of graphic design. His works were very classical. And I found some design skills of his works were still used today. This show was totally graphic design. This show was good for us to understand graphic design.