30 Aug 2011

Video Project - What they are doing?

When I was thinking one of my short projects 'Memory', I came up with a new idea. This idea presents a concept - transition. The girls in this video are all from China and they are students studying in London. They sell food and jewelleries on Sunday Up Market every Sunday. They are foreigners and students here and they are doing something different.

The Last Minute

I hanged up my works in my space for the final show. It looks nice. However, The cigarettes marks work seems that it can not express too much meaning of the damage of smoking. But I like this work. It is a perfect circle. People like to talk with each other when they are smoking. It is a social circle. But it was damaged by cigarettes and the circle mark is fading out. I just think smoking is a communication and this communication can also be damaged by smoking. Anyway, in the last minute, I changed my plan. I think I will make more works and choose one to exhibit in the final show. The new work is presenting cigarettes can damage the edge of a table. It can damage some perfect thing and also our health. It presents something happened with time and smoking.

29 Aug 2011


I like using camera to record what happen in my life. I took photos almost everyday. I am just thinking these photos can present my life. So I decided to make work with the photos I took. I started to select photos on 31st July 2011, then printed the photo I chose on a postcard. And I decided to send one postcard to myself everyday. I just printed photos with no words to explain the photos, I think it is a new way to write diary. This idea is a start point. I want to continue it.

Burning Cigarettes - What shape?

These are some photos of the experiments I made for the cigarettes burning marks. When I was observing the cigarettes burning, I was also thinking what I could do with these marks. I was thinking what shape can I make with these marks and why.

23 Aug 2011

The little books!

I made some small books and burned cigarettes on them to get the marks. I want to show them in the final show, but I don't know which way is the best to set them. But I will keep trying.

What's my way?

It is close to the final show. I just finished my things I used to show my work. Actually, it costed me a lot of time to make them. But now I am happy I finished them and I like them. I feel satisfy with my works and the things I made for exhibiting my works. They all made by my own hands. Of course, in this process, many people helped me and I am really grateful to them for helping me so much. At the beginning, I prepared for the show, I felt nervous. However, I enjoy this whole preparation.

Now I put my plinths together and paint the woods to put them on the lights to hang up my works.

For a disigner, maybe you don't need to make your own works every time. However, as a student, I think it is better to try everything and try to make your idea come true. And it is a very good experience in the life. Maybe when I begin to work in the society, I don't have time to do these anymore.

Works are important, because they express your ideas and present your creativaty. However, I think the way to show them is important too. You need to ensure your works are exhibiting in a right way and make something to attract people to come to your works. I saw many different ways of showing works in London's galleries. I totally love the galleries in London. I learn much from visiting them. Now my final show is coming, I will show my works in my way.

20 Aug 2011

How to exhibit my works

At the beginning, I thought it would not difficult to exhibit my works. However, when I began to think about this thing, I found that it was really complicated. I want everything be perfect, so I change the way to exhibit the final work again and again. And it is not so easy to make the result in my head. Anyway, this progress is a good experience for me and I think every designers should have this experience. Now, I just finished my plinths. They are beautiful. I like them. I made them for show my book.

The other work I want to show in the final show is several pieces of papers. I burned cigarettes on these papers and got some marks on the papers. The shape of this is a big circle like this:

But it will be bigger. Now the problem I face is how to exhibit this work. I want to hang them up sheet by sheet. So I need to know how to hang them. Silke gave me a lot of ideas and I also asked Anthony to help me. Now we got an idea to hang them, but I need to try this way. Hopefully it can work.