20 Aug 2011

How to exhibit my works

At the beginning, I thought it would not difficult to exhibit my works. However, when I began to think about this thing, I found that it was really complicated. I want everything be perfect, so I change the way to exhibit the final work again and again. And it is not so easy to make the result in my head. Anyway, this progress is a good experience for me and I think every designers should have this experience. Now, I just finished my plinths. They are beautiful. I like them. I made them for show my book.

The other work I want to show in the final show is several pieces of papers. I burned cigarettes on these papers and got some marks on the papers. The shape of this is a big circle like this:

But it will be bigger. Now the problem I face is how to exhibit this work. I want to hang them up sheet by sheet. So I need to know how to hang them. Silke gave me a lot of ideas and I also asked Anthony to help me. Now we got an idea to hang them, but I need to try this way. Hopefully it can work.

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