6 Aug 2011

Recent Works

Rencently, I am making cigarette marks on paper. I tried different papers to get different results. Here are some experiments.

This work was made before unit two, which was my beginning idea of burning marks of cigarettes. I like marks on the back of the picture. Then I test more different papers.

This is a handmade book I bought from Cass Art. The papers of it are not so flat, so the whole feeling is not so good. But the marks on the papers are clear.

I used different kinds of papers to make books, then I light up cigarettes on them to make marks. I got different results and I found one paper is very good to leave marks on it.

I made another five small books which are in postcard size, then I burned cigarettes on them. I am quite happy with these works. And I want to make a larger one.

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