23 Aug 2011

What's my way?

It is close to the final show. I just finished my things I used to show my work. Actually, it costed me a lot of time to make them. But now I am happy I finished them and I like them. I feel satisfy with my works and the things I made for exhibiting my works. They all made by my own hands. Of course, in this process, many people helped me and I am really grateful to them for helping me so much. At the beginning, I prepared for the show, I felt nervous. However, I enjoy this whole preparation.

Now I put my plinths together and paint the woods to put them on the lights to hang up my works.

For a disigner, maybe you don't need to make your own works every time. However, as a student, I think it is better to try everything and try to make your idea come true. And it is a very good experience in the life. Maybe when I begin to work in the society, I don't have time to do these anymore.

Works are important, because they express your ideas and present your creativaty. However, I think the way to show them is important too. You need to ensure your works are exhibiting in a right way and make something to attract people to come to your works. I saw many different ways of showing works in London's galleries. I totally love the galleries in London. I learn much from visiting them. Now my final show is coming, I will show my works in my way.

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